Two Really Cool Things

What do [tag]Chocolate[/tag] and [tag]Physics[/tag] have in common? Well, they’re both really cool, for starters. Also, in a completely random fashion they are connected in a six-degrees-of Kevin-Bacon way to one of my hours on the Reference Desk at work on Saturday.

Don’t worry. I’ll explain.

During that fateful hour, I discovered: 1) Apparently, they’ve done another of those wonderful studies and discovered that [tag]Dark Chocolate[/tag] Improves Blood Vessel Function. Rejoice My Friends! Dark Chocolate is good for you!


2) If you hurry (it closes at 6pm today) you can go to eBay and bid on a ZERO-G experience with Stephen Hawking. Please pardon the fan girl squee. That would be so cool! I saw Mr. Hawking in person once. He went past a restaurant where I was eating. (No, I didn’t chase after him. I behaved myself…barely) Now, if I only had a spare $30,000…

Sometimes I learn the best things at work.

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