Wit’s End


How do you know you’re at your wit’s end? What is the signpost that you past which tells you that this is it? For me, it’s when everything stops being funny. When I can no longer find humour in a situation. Basically, when I completely lose my sense of humour.

That would not be now. I am obviously not at my wit’s end currently, as it has just occurred to me that “Wit’s End” sounds like the name of a small town in rural England. If there isn’t a town with that name, there should be. Just think of the marketing possibilities! People would pay extra to send letters from the Wit’s End postal office. They’d need a fine line of postcards. Oh! And what would the local pub be named? The Hanged Fool, of course. (Wit’s End, get it? No? Just me then?)

Ah well. Now I just need to figure out how to amuse Sam.

4 Responses to “Wit’s End”

  1. The Sister Says:

    Snicker. Did you do a google search? There must be a place called Wits End.

    And on the earlier post..thanks for the update & for FANCY FOOD!! I haven’t heard or said that in context for years. LOL. Thanks. I needed that.

  2. Emma Says:

    I’m glad you’re not quite at your wit’s end. You still seem very witty, in fact!

    A sense of humor can help carry you through many, many tough situations. But you knew that already! :)

  3. Ann Says:

    Wit’s End should be in Cornwall, near Land’s End.
    In Savannah there’s a restaurant called the Boar’s Head (on the street side) that is also a bar that faces the river. The bar’s name? The Other End. :)

  4. angel Says:

    Well…there’s a Wit’s End Cafe and Walled Garden in Yorkshire. Does that count? Hey, Sister Mine, do you remember when “pantyhose” was a “naughty word?” *giggle*

    So true, Emma.

    Good point, Ann. And I’m loving “The Other End.” I must make my family take a picture of it for me the next time they’re down there.

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